yes. we're nuts.
New Gallery! Check out these pics, yo...

More Small Group Madness
- picture scavenger hunt!! Check out pictures of Denise's Group and Lise's Group (Lise's team found Steve Chabot! woo!!)

MOVING TO PENSACOLA! Find out why and how.....

Another night of goofy girl pictures from Lise's small group...... you think you know Gary Tyler, eh? THINK AGAIN!

pics of the Sept 20, 2006 
Girl's Fun Night can be found here.................. of our trip to Karen and Kevin's wedding can be found here!

pensacola was a blast - just what the doctor ordered...................

check out scott's blog - it ought to be interesting.
aren't you excited? sure you are.

things we've got coming up
(or, "why we can't get together with everyone"):

  • grad school continues on mondays and wednesdays for scott
  • scott and lise are working their tails off @  princeton city schools
  • lise's surgery / recovery 10-3  (and various doc appts and more surgery in the following several weeks)